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“Our focused Business Consulting Services will help you shake your business and take the Next Step for controlled growth, addition of new business activities and expansion into new geographical regions and countries.”

Vladislav Jivkov
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  • You have a proven business concept and a working business model.
  • It is ready to be multiplied in new geographical regions and countries.
  • You need it structured so you can start searching for your first Franchisees.


Strategic Business Development

NSC can support you set the strategic goals of your organization, identify and define the major actions needed and fragment them into clear steps towards successful implementation.


Being the roadmap to achieve the business goals... ►►►


There is a certain set of strategies, that can help you... ►►►


Your business has reached the point, where a major new... ►►►


There are a number of aspects related to efficient... ►►►


How to differentiate the strategic partnership to conventional... ►►►


Strategic organizational changes are addressing major... ►►►

WEB Platforms

  • You have a great idea for a website?
  • Or even for a highly sophisticated WEB platform?
  • You want to bring it to a successful end?

Project Management

Manage your projects properly, so you can have full control during their entire lifecycle.

  • Project Requirements and Scope
  • Timeline, Stages and Milestones
  • Project Manager and Project Team
  • Budget
  • Equipment
  • Go-live, Support and Maintenance
  • Evolution and Further Development


Technology transfer is a very specific process and could be done outbound or inbound, depending on if you are offering a new innovation/ technology or you are searching to implement a new one.

Outbound TTT

You want to take the next step and make market realization of the innovation developed and benefit from... ►►►

Inbound TTT

Your company or organization needs to implement an innovation in order to take the next step and enable... ►►►

Healthcare B2B

Hospitals, clinics, medical offices, treatment centers, birth centers, hospice care facilities, governmental entities, universities, R&D, NGOs, etc.

Doctors, nurses, pediatricians, pharmacists, dentists, psychiatrists, researchers, lecturers, social workers, physiotherapists, masseurs, etc.

Company Values

Always on your side

We step into your business shoes and protect your interests while negotiating with any third party .

Trusted partnership

We believe in long term mutually beneficial relationships and that is why our clients come back to us.

End-to-end service

We will be with you during the whole lifecycle of the project. And yes, we deliver the projects we start.

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