Manage your WEB Project

At your side

We help you manage the development of your WEB project from idea into reality

You have a great idea for a website or even for a more complicated web platform and you are not sure what the right approach would be? We are here to bring our experience and provide full support from the very first steps until the project is successfully implemented.

The following major steps are a proven path to deliver a successful project. 

  • Elaboration of a very precise and detailed description of your idea.
  • Elaboration of Request for Proposal (RFP) taking into account all specifics.
  • Market research to identify potential developers and implementers.
  • Preliminary meetings and selection of 3 to 5 most promising.
  • Tender.
  • The winner is awarded the contract.
  • Implementation phase with proactive Project Management (PM).
  • Go-live and further support.
  • Further developments of the project functionalities to answer the market feedback.

All actions are covered by a strict NDA and legal advise is sought wherever necessary.

The above steps upon clarification of the details of your project will be adapted to fit your specific requirements.

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