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You want to have the control of your WEB project in your hands. And you want to be capable on your own to undertake and adapt to your specifics all steps needed like:

  • Elaborate a very precise and detailed description of your idea.
  • Elaborate Request for Proposal (RFP) with all with all necessary information and fields.
  • Research the market and identify IT companies possessing the required know-how and experience for the specific project.
  • Make preliminary meetings and select the ones with the highest potential and capacity.
  • Make the tender.
  • Select “the winner” according to a number of criteria.
  • Control the whole implementation phase.
  • Successful Go-live and operations.
  • Support and further develop your WEB project.
  • Legally protect all above steps.

Your business is ready to be offered as a franchise and you want to walk the road yourself from the very first step until you contract your first franchisees and cover new regions with your brand.

You want to know what steps to undertake to be ready to approach you potential network of partners and make them adopt your business model and know-how, and start active business operations under Your Brand following Your Terms and Conditions.

You want to be capable to structure your business into a valuable Franchising proposition and adapt the following steps to the specifics of your business:

  • Elaborate detailed description of the business model and prepare Operations Manual
  • Clarify and write down all terms and conditions like:
    • Form of franchise granted
    • Region
    • Exclusivity
    • Registered Trademark
    • Franchise management and team requirements
    • Confidentiality
    • Marketing and advertisement in the region
    • Business plan
    • Financial conditions, etc.
  •  Seek the needed legal advisory and other third party consulting.

You want to gain insight in the following areas:

  • Practical aspects of project management
  • How to properly select an ERP solution.
  • Business diversification.
  • Improved business processes and organizational efficiency.
  • Organizational changes.