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We support you step by step to convert your business model into a successful Franchise

Your business model works well and the concept is proven. Your Brand is recognized and well accepted. The natural next step for growth is to cover new geographical regions and countries.

You need to make a network of partners that adopt your business model and know-how, and start active business operations under Your Brand following Your Terms and Conditions. Set your Franchise so your national and international partners strongly benefit on a daily basis and are excited to promote Your Brand.

We are here to structure your business into a valuable Franchising proposition and help you find your Franchisees. The following major steps are usually part of the process:

  • Detailed description of the business model and preparation of Operations Manual
  • Clarification of all terms and conditions like:
    • Form of franchise granted
    • Region
    • Exclusivity
    • IPR and brand protection
    • Franchise management and team requirements
    • Confidentiality
    • Marketing and advertisement in the region
    • Business plan
    • Financial conditions, etc.
  •  Legal advisory and other third party consulting, etc.

The above steps upon clarification of the details of your project will be adapted to fit your specific requirements.

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